David W. Coleman

Single Father of two Sierria Channing Athena, & Akkili Khari. His children are the purpose of his existence as they are lovingly referred to as “Heart and Soul.”

Founder and President of ChanBear & Associates, LLC and Coleman's Dynamic Products, I Love My Children, Too

Coleman's Dynamic Products was launched in 2008 from a back yard grill. Coleman used his background from his mother's catering business to create a dry marinade for grilling called Coleman's Dynamic RibbRubb. After testing it with friends and family, the product exhibited its versatility and it was expanded to be used with a variety of foods as a seasoning and flavor enhancer. The current product line includes RibbNutz, Party Mix and Fry Batter. The slogan, Bake It! Grill It! Shake It! Oh Yeah! encompasses this great product and we look to have it in stores across the country. Look for it at www.ribbrubb.com

For fifteen years, David W. Coleman played an active role in the Nashville, TN media market as a producer and co-host for the fastest growing morning sports show in the middle Tennessee area, The Morning Sports Page on WNSR, Sports Talk 560 AM. Morning drive was alive in Nashville as Coleman and his cohorts discussed sports from all perspectives. Due to his growing popularity in the market, Coleman expanded his show to Saturday mornings. The Saturday Morning Sports Page was launched February 2004 and was an immediate hit with former Philadelphai Eagle defensive tackle Dennis Harrison every Sunday evening for 4-7 pm for the Sunday Evening Sports Review.

As a writer, Coleman who writes under the pseudonym Dante Cinque penned his controversial new book, The Pain of Vengeance which pricks the mind and tugs at the heart strings of those who sympathize with the plight of today’s father in America. Formally the number one beat writer for what was once the most read African American newspaper in Tennessee, the Urban Journal. Coleman’s nose for news and the willingness to seek out the truth in any story made him the anchor reporter for the urban periodical. As a freelance writer, his commentary column was widely read in The Tennessee Tribune. Other works include The Rush Hour; a play concerning community indifference to the plight of its children was his first work which some day he hopes to get produced as a message to parents.

Coleman has no problem sharing his talents with others and extends that concept to his local community. He is founder and President of I Love My Children, Too, a parental rights organization which lobbies to stop discrimination against noncustodial parents. Over the last ten years, his lobbying efforts along with other like-minded organizations have begun to change the face of custody and child support as America knows it today. Through that organization, the Daddyluv Newsletter is published.

“At the end of the day, I will always fight for a child’s right see his/her parent.” --Coleman-

I Love My Children, Too sponsored the annual “A Fathers Family Picnic.” A day designed to Accentuate, Celebrate and Motivate positive fathers in our communities.

Through his activism and dedication to youth and the community, Coleman developed the highly requested Teenage Survival Kit. A seminar for youth designed to make them aware of choices they make and how those choices can affect their lives positively or negatively.

“Once they leave my seminar, I guarantee, most if not all are thinking about their future in a different light.” --Coleman—

While in Memphis TN, Coleman developed a locally award winning program Rites of Passage & Queenship. This program was designed to foster positive mental attitudes in young people ages 12-17 which operated in Lamar Terrace Housing Development which at the time was the worse development in the area. Participants were required to maintain good grades and citizenship. Coleman used his skills for organizational development, fundraising and implementation all of which helped to secure local and state funding through grants.

Coleman’s talents were also utilized by the successful inner city program, Project S.E.E.(Support, Education, Empowerment) located in Nashville, TN at the Cumberland View Housing Development which was euphemistically referred to as “Dodge City.” As program coordinator, Coleman was responsible for curriculum writing, mentorship, drug & gang counseling, motivational speaking, and grant writer.

It is only fitting that Coleman’s love for children and his fight for parental rights led him to one of the most well-known parental rights organizations in the country, The Children’s Rights Council. The local organizers quickly recognized his talents and elected him president of the Davidson County chapter. CRC’s mission is to lobby state legislatures to stop discrimination against noncustodial parents and advocates the abolishment of unfair custody laws. CRC is based in Washington, DC.

 Coleman has made numerous radio and guest appearances across the country such as Black Writers On Tour in Los Angeles, Ca; The Black Male Development Seminar, Philadelphia, PA; Black writers of San Antonio, TX; Africana Studies Conference, Nashville, TN; The Atlanta Literary Festival; The Tom Pope Show in Washington DC; The Dr. Jeffrey Gardere Show in Brooklyn, NY; The Bev Johnson Show in Memphis, TN; Just Talking with Rev. Enoch Fuzz, What's the 411 with Sharon Kaye and Let's Talk with Ernie Allen in Nashville, TN.

In his spare time Coleman enjoys a self prepared gourmet meal and a nice American or French wine.
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