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David W. Coleman

Akila Nantambu is the leader of Hekalu, the underground sanctuary for fathers needing help to get out of the country. She has been the leader since the death of her father. Akila has grown into a beautiful woman who still believes in her fathers mission but has conflicts with her desires to have a meaningful relationship with a man. She has not met anyone who measured up to her father until she saw Malik Coleman. Not only did she want him to take her fathers place as the leader of Hekalu but also she wanted him as her own.

The Family Courts are wreaking havoc on today’s relationships leaving broken homes, abandoned children and desperate parents. Under the guise of “the best interest of the child” fathers in particular are bearing the brunt of the governments slash and burn family values policy lumping all fathers into one boat. What few rights fathers had in the past have now been eroded and no one knows that fact more than Malik Coleman, a special prosecutor for the state who pursues and jails deadbeat fathers. He had ignored the injustices until he was slapped in the face by the very system he swore to uphold.

Follow Coleman as he vacillates between his sworn duty to uphold the law and his parental responsibility to his children and becoming a reluctant leader of an underground movement fighting to change the system while being dragged into a pursuit of catching a serial killer.

The Pain of Vengeance is a novel about the difficulties fathers face with the Family court systems when looking for justice. Are men really becoming obsolete only to be used as money machines and sperm donors? Does the current atmosphere in the Family court system increase the instances of spousal abuse? Is legal professionals part of the overall problem of pitting father against mother only to leave a dysfunctional children as legal refugees?

The Pain of Vengeance will challenge your perceptions of fatherhood and force you to examine your own sexual biases relating to fathers and custody
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