David W. Coleman

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Unique youth workshop with visual pneumonics designed to discuss real world choices for youth and young adults.
Workshop & Keynote
National radio and guest appearances: Black Writers On Tour, Los Angeles, CA; Black Writers of San Antonio, TX; Africana Studies Conference, Nashville, TN; The Atlanta Literary Festival; The Tom Pope Show, Washington DC; The Dr. Jeffrey Gardere Show in Brooklyn, NY; The Bev Johnson Show, Memphis, TN; Just Talking w/Rev. Enoch Fuzz; The Black Male Development Symposium, Philadelphia, PA; What's the 411 w/Sharon Kaye; Let's Talk w/Ernie Allen, Nashville, TN; Dr. Rosie Milligan Show, Los Angeles, CA; Straight Talk w/Bishop Charles E. Williams, Little Rock, AR
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Designed to make the process simple and get your proposal in the “right” pile. Includes tips on researching funding sources and proposal writing.
Workshop & Keynote
Who really benefits from archaic child support laws. Hear why the system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.
Workshop & Keynote
How to begin and build your business. Tools to grow your business. Discover creative ways to utilize social media for networking and how to become more effective.
Workshop & Keynote
What they are saying about David:

“The Teenage Survival Kit clearly provides young people with real-life choices. My son wasimpressed and began to make changes in his life soon afterwards.” Jonathan P., Black Male Development Symposium, Philadelphia. PA

“Wow. Makes grant & proposal writing simple and easy to follow. I am more confident in completing the process.” Brenda D., Los Angeles Skill Builders, Los Angeles, CA

“A compassionate and serious voice for fathers and children which needs to be heard across the country.” Jason W. Juvenile Corrections, Nashville, TN
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