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Today, young people are making horrible choices. They are getting poor information that is destroying their lives or severely damaging their future. In the past, young people respected their elders and utilized their experience before making critical decisions. The unfortunate fact today is most youth do not respect their elders and fail to see the importance of their expertise. Consequently, important life decisions are made with no common sense. Much of the advice received is usually given by a peer who has little or know experience in life. The question comes to mind, “If one had a large sum of money to invest, would the better consultant be a stock broker or a homeless person?” This analogy refers to young people facing critical decisions and instead of seeking help from an experienced adult, the child allows his or her friends to give them poor advice. Issues such as sexual activity, drug abuse and gangs are some of the crossroads our youth face daily with only their peers as confidants.

Basic Tools are items necessary for everyday survival and interaction with society in general that most teens take for granted. When used together, these tools can be an important source of support to steer teens into positive choices. These tools include a sword & shield, a map, ruler, clock, needle& thread, measuring cup, ID card, and door keys.

Intellectual Tools are items that require a little thought and practical application. These tools include a good education. In order to be successful in the next millennium, a high school diploma will not suffice. Advanced degrees will be important in the right field. But ultimate success will depend on one’s expertise in computer literacy and technical training. The Teenage Survival Kit refers to traps as Mine Fields. Some commonly known traps are drug selling known as “Slanging” and gang activity known as “Banging”, abstaining from Mind Warpers which are drugs & alcohol, and abstaining from early sexual activity which are Dream Killers.

Book this seminar for school or church. A “Must Do” for all church, youth and schools. This seminar will get your teen talking to you about things they were once afraid to discuss.
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