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David W. Coleman

How many grant writing seminars have you attended and after leaving your organization was no better off than it was prior to shelling out $200 or $300 dollars.

Motivational speeches will not fund your organization. Screaming maniacs will not put money in your budget. What good are catalogs and books about grants if you don't know how to use them.

This is serious business and if you want your organization to succeed then you have to be serious about searching for needed funds. This inexpensive CD-Rom will get your organization started on successful grant research and writing.

Make no bones about it. Grant research and writing is sometimes difficult and time consuming but if you follow the tips contained in the Grants and Federal Assistance CD-Rom your organization will be on the way securing funding. Don't believe the hype. Yes there is a lot of money out there but it will not fall into your lap without a little work. The Grants and Federal Assistance CD-Rom will get you on the right path. Order today!
Understanding the Grant Cycle

 "I will teach you the right way to research and find grants for your organization" --D. Coleman

You can sell all the doughnuts and trinkets you like and it will never accumulate enough money to fund your organization the way it needs to be. You can supplement much of your budget by becoming an active grant writer and researcher for your organization. The number one mistake by non-profits is not making a serious commitment to grant research prior to grant writing. Grant research should be a daily routine in your office. There are billions of dollars awaiting your organization and my grant writing seminar will help you be more effective by teaching you how the grant cycle works along with setting up a viable grant writing committee in order to avoid the "House Enormity Syndrome." Stop sending your staff in a panic a week before the grant is due. Become more effective in pursuing and receiving funding for your mission.

If your organization would like a hands on approach please do not hesitate to book the Grants and Federal Assistance seminar in your town. The fee is a minimal and your organization can earn a little extra money by inviting others to attend. For more information on booking the Grants and Federal Assistance seminar send your requests to book GFA. I hope to see you soon and good grant hunting.

Order the Grants and Federal Assistance CD-Rom and learn the basic information your organization needs to secure federal funding. This is not a gimmick but tried and true methods when searching for needed funds. The Grants and Federal Assistance CD-Rom is easy to use and constructed as a voiced-over presentation designed for the user in mind. Stop and start the program whenever you like.

•Learn why it is important to have a grant writing team.
•Dispel the myths of grant writing.
•Learn about the federal grant funding cycle.
•Learn how and where to look for funding.
•Learn how to locate and utilize Foundations and bequests.
•Get tips on the proper submission procedure.
•Get basic proposal writing tips that will get your proposal in the "AA" pile.

Submitting a proposal is more than just filling in the blanks. The items enclosed in the Grants and Federal Assistance CD-Rom will only work if you use them. The information contained on the Grants and Federal Assistance CD-Rom is nothing new or ground breaking. The methods are tried and true.

Anyone can use this cd-rom including:
•non-profits and soon to be non profit organization
•Civic organizations
•child care providers
•new grant writers
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