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Healing Hurting Men seminar is designed to candidly discuss the plight of fathers in America when it comes to the family court system.

A few years ago, I decided to stand up and fight for my natural God-given rights as a fathers. Little did I know there were few support groups locally and nationally to help with my cause. At the time I did not understand the national implications of a fatherless America until I discovered that in most cast fathers are doing the right thing yet the national dialogue was the opposite. More importantly, I also found the legal system was not only unfriendly to fathers but sought to castigate them at every legal opportunity. I decided to turn my Pain to Power and not be a victim of a system that lacked empathy for both my plight and that of my young son.

Through my struggles, I founded I Love My Children Too, a parental rights advocacy group and fought the state of Tennessee resulting in a change of attitude in Nashville and a host of laws to support noncustodial parents.
The Healing Hurting Men seminar presents my story to the participants and provides practical ideals to seek visitation and an active relationship with your noncustodial children. Upon hearing my story, you will laugh, cry and become empowered to address the needs of your children without interference.

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